Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Best Fake Tan Ever?!

This is a huge claim I know, but hear me out! Firstly, let me tell you I am almost as pale as it can get and whilst I love the look of myself with a slight tan, I can very easily look orange and I also cannot be bothered with the hassle each week. As a result, I usually just apply a bronzing cream like the Jennifer Hawkins Shimmer Lotion on visible skin when I want to look slightly glowy. That was until this beauty popped into my life!

With the Spring sun peeking it’s head around the clouds this week, I got that fantastic summer feeling and when I noticed Bondi Sands on sale at Priceline I thought, why not! Well boy am I glad I purchased this. Not only is this the most pleasant smelling fake tan I have ever used that barely has that signature ‘biscuit’ scent, in fact it smells more like yummy coconuts, but it also leaves the most beautiful bronzed glow without a hint of orange. One layer alone produces a natural tan that is easily mistaken for a real kiss from the sun! It is definitely more green based, which I love, and it is easily build able.

 Straight after applying 1st layer
Straight after applying 2nd layer
 The next morning after a shower

Here is my new and improved fake tan routine:
  • The day before I want to tan, I shave or wax the appropriate areas and exfoliate my entire body.
  • The next morning, I exfoliate once again to ensure my skin is silky smooth and prepped for application.
  • I apply Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner to my ankles and wrists when in the shower to make sure the tan won’t cling to those areas.
  • With a tanning mitt, I liberally apply one pump to each area of my body and leave it to dry.
  • This is usually sufficient but if I am preparing for a special occasion I will apply another layer an hour later.
  • The next morning, I shower and thoroughly moisturise with Ro's Argan Body Conditioner
  • This tan sticks around for just under a week (if maintained properly by exfoliating and moisturising each day), by which point I’m ready to exfoliate once again and repeat the process!

The light/medium tone is perfect for my pale skin but there is a dark option for those naturally darker skin tones too. Overall, i really do think this is the best fake tan I have ever used and I am really enjoying using it! Which fake tans do you recommend?!

Love, Catrin xo

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  1. I've come to the conclusion that Australia has some of the best fake tanners out there. Forever hearing rave reviews about them. You're very lucky over there - Scotland has very slim pickings!