Thursday, 9 October 2014

Why I LOVE Kerestase Elixir Ultime

I am an extreme floozy when it comes to hair products, I am never satisfied with the shine or texture of my hair and I constantly seek to better its appearance. However, when my Kerestase elixir oil runs out you can bet your bottom dollar that I will have a new bottle waiting in the cupboard ready to go!

So, what is it about this product that keeps me wanting more? Firstly, this multipurpose oil can be used as a pre-wash treatment, an overnight treatment, a smoothing treatment for dry hair and an after-wash treatment before blow drying. Essentially, it is amazing! I have tried other oils but none have come close to impressing me in the way that this one does and that is why I am on my third bottle of the stuff!

The Loreal Mythic Oil is a lighter version of this and Moroccan Oil is much heavier, making this a very happy medium for my fine but damaged hair. My favourite way to use the elixir is after washing, blowdrying and straightening/curling my hair, I rub half a pump into my hands and apply it to the ends just to smooth it down and give it some shine. I highly recommend this for anyone with dull hair that is searching for radiance or those frizzy haired gals that need some taming! Yes, this is pricier than the Loreal option but it is definitely worth it as you use less product and it gives a much better result. On a final note, this smells incredible!

Love, Catrin xo

Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Best Fake Tan Ever?!

This is a huge claim I know, but hear me out! Firstly, let me tell you I am almost as pale as it can get and whilst I love the look of myself with a slight tan, I can very easily look orange and I also cannot be bothered with the hassle each week. As a result, I usually just apply a bronzing cream like the Jennifer Hawkins Shimmer Lotion on visible skin when I want to look slightly glowy. That was until this beauty popped into my life!

With the Spring sun peeking it’s head around the clouds this week, I got that fantastic summer feeling and when I noticed Bondi Sands on sale at Priceline I thought, why not! Well boy am I glad I purchased this. Not only is this the most pleasant smelling fake tan I have ever used that barely has that signature ‘biscuit’ scent, in fact it smells more like yummy coconuts, but it also leaves the most beautiful bronzed glow without a hint of orange. One layer alone produces a natural tan that is easily mistaken for a real kiss from the sun! It is definitely more green based, which I love, and it is easily build able.

 Straight after applying 1st layer
Straight after applying 2nd layer
 The next morning after a shower

Here is my new and improved fake tan routine:
  • The day before I want to tan, I shave or wax the appropriate areas and exfoliate my entire body.
  • The next morning, I exfoliate once again to ensure my skin is silky smooth and prepped for application.
  • I apply Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner to my ankles and wrists when in the shower to make sure the tan won’t cling to those areas.
  • With a tanning mitt, I liberally apply one pump to each area of my body and leave it to dry.
  • This is usually sufficient but if I am preparing for a special occasion I will apply another layer an hour later.
  • The next morning, I shower and thoroughly moisturise with Ro's Argan Body Conditioner
  • This tan sticks around for just under a week (if maintained properly by exfoliating and moisturising each day), by which point I’m ready to exfoliate once again and repeat the process!

The light/medium tone is perfect for my pale skin but there is a dark option for those naturally darker skin tones too. Overall, i really do think this is the best fake tan I have ever used and I am really enjoying using it! Which fake tans do you recommend?!

Love, Catrin xo

Friday, 26 September 2014

September Beauty Wish List!

It is that time of the month again when I create a list of the beauty products that I am desperately lusting after! These are my favourite posts to write on my blog as when I have some money to spare, I always come back to these lists and usually buy something mentioned! I have whittled this down extensively so without further ado, lets get started!
  1. I had never really looked into the Chantecaille skincare range until I fell absolutely in love with a tester of Chantecaille Vital Essence serum and had to buy the full size version. I have since been exploring the collection and I am seriously lusting after the Chantecaille Detox Clay Mask. The reviews say that whilst this draws out impurities and settles blemishes, it does so without drying and therefore your skin is left hydrated and plump – yes please! 

  2.  2.  I absolutely adored by first insight into the Hourglass Ambient Light range with the purchase of the limited edition trio, but it has left me lusting after some more ambient light action! I found ‘Dim Light’ to be slightly too pink in tone for me and after a bit of research I feel that Hourglass ‘Diffused Light’ powder might be more suited to my yellow based skin. I would love to pick this up before the weather heats up in Sydney, as I think it will be the perfect powder to set my foundation with whilst maintaining that coveted dewy summer glow! 
  3. The launch of Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics on net-a-porter has seriously tested my willpower in recent weeks. I am so desperate to try her entire collection but I am particularly lusting after the Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Quad in ‘The Rock Chick’. I sense a net-a-porter haul coming on! 
  4. With my boyfriend in Europe at the moment, I simply had to request a sneaky Sephora visit in which he grabbed me the original Naked palette by Urban Decay. I am beyond excited for his and the palettes return and in preparation I am on the look out for NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base. If reviews are anything to go by, I am hoping that this combination will mean my lids will be beautifully coated in Urban Decay goodness all day long throughout the summer!
  5. Mac ‘Morange’ lipstick just screams out to me as the perfect spring/summer bold lip. I have developed a huge crush on all things orange and coral since the weather has been warming up so this is right up my street!
  6. Since purchasing my first By Terry Ombre Blackstar in ‘Misty Rock’ it has without a doubt been my most used make up item. If I’m honest, I am lusting after the entire collection at the moment, but since I have to be realistic I would have to say that the two I am most in need of are 'Blond Opal' and 'Bronze Moon'.  

Now, which of these to buy first?!

Love, Catrin xo

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Hourglass Ambient Powder Wardrobe - Is it worth the hefty price?

I have brushed over this topic (pun is most certainly intended) here and there over the past few weeks but I felt the need to do a full review of the much raved about, Hourglass Ambient Powder Wardrobe. Firstly, lets address how enticing this sounds with the title alone! The packaging is, of course, lovely with a fabulously large mirror situated inside for those ‘on the run’ touch ups. 

The three colours inside are Dim Light (all over setting powder), Incandescent Light (highlighting powder) and Radiant Light (bronzing powder). Each is fabulously silky to apply and truly the definition of subtle brilliance. Before delving into a review of each individual powder, I just want to touch on the price. At $86 you receive a total of 9.9g (3.3g for each shade) in comparison to an individual compact in which you get 10g for $56. Thus, economically it is not the best but you get to try out all three shades so I think it is definitely worth it!

      Dim Light         Incandescent Light        Radiant Light

Now, lets start with Dim Light. This is definitely the most well known of the three and is essentially a setting powder to apply all over to ensure your foundation stays in place throughout the day. Like all Ambient Light powders, Dim Light has a luminous element that gives your skin a ‘lit from within’ look whilst also blurring imperfections and preventing that oily shine. It is quite a neutral peach shade that slightly warmed up the colour of my foundation. As it is a warmer shade, I think my pale skin would be more suited to a yellow based powder so whilst I loved what this powder does for my skin, I will be getting my hands on the full sized version of Diffused Light very soon!

The second shade, Incandescent Light, is limited edition and is unique to this palette. This pearlescent powder has more of a luminous element than Dim Light so is perfect for the cheekbones and down the centre of the face. I’ve also loved using this over the top of my matte eyeshadow to make a slight shimmer on the centre of my eyelids to make my eyes look bigger. Those of you who are averse to a lot of shimmer will love this subtle highlighter but I, personally, love a good shimmery cheekbone so I tend to use my Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle for that area and then brush incandescent light down the bridge of my nose for some added definition.

Now, lets talk about Radiant Light. With its bronzey glow and luminous finish this is my absolute favourite of the trio. It has more of a shimmery finish than Dim Light and when applied with a fluffy brush just below the cheekbones, this really adds dimension to the face and provides the perfect sun kissed glow. I cannot rave about this enough! It is my new favourite bronzer for warming up the cheeks and I will 100% be purchasing the full size version.

Overall, I think this trio is a fantastic way to try out the Hourglass Ambient Light Setting powders and it is also a wonderful product for travelling with. I highly recommend investing in the trio but if you are just after one then I personally think Radiant Light is the absolute winner here.

Now, I think it’s time to try the Blush version…!

Love, Catrin xo

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Trans-seasonal work appropriate outfits!

Up until now, this blog has been mainly beauty related, but I was lucky enough to be offered an internship at a high end fashion boutique and found myself rummaging through my wardrobe for some work appropriate clothes. Since it is the beginning of Spring here in Sydney, the weather is a bit turbulent and whilst the mornings and evenings are quite nippy the midday sun definitely heats things up. Here is what I wore for my first few days at my new job.

For the slightly cooler days
In my opinion, there is nothing worse than being cold and for that reason I opted to wear a black turtleneck jumper to keep me snug throughout the day. I swept my hair up into a classy low bun to keep my look professional and to not interfere with the neck of the jumper. As my internship is in retail, I am able to wear Tsubi Coated Jeans to work but this could easily be alternated with a pencil skirt or some straight-legged Zara trousers. For a pop of colour, I throw over my powder blue Zara coat with gold zips – the number of complements I get on this piece is reason to wear it alone! When paired with chunky heeled boots from Rubi Shoes and my Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour in navy, this is a chic yet understated look, perfect for day one on the job.

For the spring days  
This is my favourite look of the week with this Topshop pleated faux leather midi skirt being the key piece of the Spring season. I paired this beautiful skirt with my Zara shirt and some Sportsgirl platform sandals for a slightly casual but feminine look. I am not exaggerating when I say that every time I wear this skirt I have a number of people stop me in the street asking where it is from. I absolutely love the shape and the length, perfect for spring days when the weather is a bit unpredictable. I definitely need to grab a few more midi skirts to get me through the coming months!

For unpredictable days
A buttoned up collared shirt can smarten up any outfit and I love that this is in powder blue as an alternative to white. I am wearing this cropped shirt with my Tsubi coated jeans and a vintage navy Moschino blazer to neaten the entire look. When teamed with my statement Skin boots I think this outfit is stylish yet professional. Of course, the Sac Du Jour made an appearance once again.

I hope you all enjoyed this sort of post! Let me know if you’d like to see more look books, perhaps for the coming summer months!

Love, Catrin xo

Sunday, 21 September 2014

'Hello Spring' Nail edition

With the arrival of Spring here in Sydney, I felt the need to coat my nails in a colour other than burgundy for a change. I got to browsing on the web and realised that I had never purchased an Essie nail polish – I know right?! I promptly made a list and the next morning off I went to priceline. I had around 30 colours in mind when I entered the store but decided to focus on Spring colours for the time being, knowing that my new obsession would mean I would be returning to the shop on a weekly basis. Here are the five spring like colours I came home with.

Meet me at Sunset
A beautiful orangey-red, Meet me at Sunset just screamed out to me as the perfect colour to wear when on holiday. It’s such a fun and vibrant shade that I can just imagine it looking dreamy with a white bikini when lying on the sand.

Cute as a Button
This is my ultimate favourite of my purchases. This polish is the most amazing shade of coral that seems to flatter every skin tone. When worn against white (as seen here in my YouTube video Cute as a Button is so distinct and just beautiful. When worn on tanned skin it most certainly makes any person look a little browner than they are – yippee! This is seriously a must-have for any girl’s nail polish collection.

Style Hunter
A stunning hot pink in the bottle that translates slightly redder onto the nail. This is the perfect colour for me, as I love plum-like colours and I really enjoy wearing bright shades on my nails during spring and summer. I can imagine this would look amazing with tanned skin!

Fashion Playground
Now, I actually had my eye out for the much raved about Mint Candy Apple when I strolled into Priceline, however this one was free with my above purchases so I thought I’d give it a go first! It is a gorgeous mint shade that applies quite opaque although it has a tendency to be a bit streaky. That being said, if applied in multiple thin coats this leaves a beautiful pastel green colour that is different to every other polish I own. Yay!

This milky whitey pinky nail polish (very technical terms) is my new ‘work appropriate’ fave. It is beautifully opaque and leaves your nails looking chic and classy. I am so excited to wear this when I have a tan in the coming months and honestly think every girl should own one similar! I have heard that it is the opaque version of ballet slippers ;)

Overall, i find Essie nail polishes have a relatively good formula that lasts a few days before chipping. I absolutely adore the colours I picked up and I will definitely be back soon to grab some more! I'm particularly lusting after Bikini So Teeny and Tarte Deco. What are your favourite Essie shades?

Love, Catrin xo