Sunday, 21 September 2014

'Hello Spring' Nail edition

With the arrival of Spring here in Sydney, I felt the need to coat my nails in a colour other than burgundy for a change. I got to browsing on the web and realised that I had never purchased an Essie nail polish – I know right?! I promptly made a list and the next morning off I went to priceline. I had around 30 colours in mind when I entered the store but decided to focus on Spring colours for the time being, knowing that my new obsession would mean I would be returning to the shop on a weekly basis. Here are the five spring like colours I came home with.

Meet me at Sunset
A beautiful orangey-red, Meet me at Sunset just screamed out to me as the perfect colour to wear when on holiday. It’s such a fun and vibrant shade that I can just imagine it looking dreamy with a white bikini when lying on the sand.

Cute as a Button
This is my ultimate favourite of my purchases. This polish is the most amazing shade of coral that seems to flatter every skin tone. When worn against white (as seen here in my YouTube video Cute as a Button is so distinct and just beautiful. When worn on tanned skin it most certainly makes any person look a little browner than they are – yippee! This is seriously a must-have for any girl’s nail polish collection.

Style Hunter
A stunning hot pink in the bottle that translates slightly redder onto the nail. This is the perfect colour for me, as I love plum-like colours and I really enjoy wearing bright shades on my nails during spring and summer. I can imagine this would look amazing with tanned skin!

Fashion Playground
Now, I actually had my eye out for the much raved about Mint Candy Apple when I strolled into Priceline, however this one was free with my above purchases so I thought I’d give it a go first! It is a gorgeous mint shade that applies quite opaque although it has a tendency to be a bit streaky. That being said, if applied in multiple thin coats this leaves a beautiful pastel green colour that is different to every other polish I own. Yay!

This milky whitey pinky nail polish (very technical terms) is my new ‘work appropriate’ fave. It is beautifully opaque and leaves your nails looking chic and classy. I am so excited to wear this when I have a tan in the coming months and honestly think every girl should own one similar! I have heard that it is the opaque version of ballet slippers ;)

Overall, i find Essie nail polishes have a relatively good formula that lasts a few days before chipping. I absolutely adore the colours I picked up and I will definitely be back soon to grab some more! I'm particularly lusting after Bikini So Teeny and Tarte Deco. What are your favourite Essie shades?

Love, Catrin xo

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