Wednesday, 20 August 2014

If Money Were No Object...

I spend hours on hours researching products and reading beauty blogs and as a result, I have developed an endless wish list of products I would purchase if money were no object. The order of preference changes every month depending on my urges, but all in all there are usually 5-10 items I need to have at any one time. If I’m honest, probably more… Sigh. This post is going to be a regular occurrance of my Ultimate Wish List for the month, where I share my desires and hopefully relieve some of the urges I have! Without further ado, lets get started!

My August Ultimate Wish List
1.     By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock: this has been on my list for months but every time I go to fork out that $62 price tag, I spot something else in store that is cheaper and my impulses get the better of me! If this was $50 or under I would not be talking about it today because it would be in my Beauty Haul post! I just think $62 is absurd for an eyeshadow but yes, it bothers me daily that I do not own it. (This has JUST been reduced to $56…oh dear!)
2.     Hourglass Ambient Light Powder: I am not much of a powder wearer but this product has caught my eye on multiple occasions. The endless list of beauty bloggers who talk about it hasn’t helped much either! It seems to offer the perfect glow that keeps shine at bay without making you look too matte. I blame Alix from ICovetThee because I just need it. Now please!
3.     Too Faced Natural Eye Palette: I love a good neutral eye and since Urban Decay is not stocked in Australia, I am lusting after the Too Face Natural Eye Palette. It has the perfect combination of neutrals for both the day and the night and the formula feels lovely and soft. I suspect I’ll be giving in to this urge pretty soon!
4.     Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster: Whilst I am relatively comfortable with being on the fairer side of the skin spectrum, that does not mean I don’t lust after a natural glow! With spring on its way here in Sydney I have found myself eager to bronze up and this just seems fabulous! I have acne prone skin and do not like the idea of using a gradual tan on my face, but this means I can stick to my usual skincare regime but still get a glow! Genius!
5.     Sigma Large Powder brush F20: Yes I know, not a very luxe product but whenever I go to splurge on a make up brush I think, “wow! I could buy a lipstick for this price” because it is such a boring thing to buy! However, I recently did buy a Mac 217 brush and my eyeshadow has never looked better. Lesson learnt – brushes are a sensible investment!

I hope you enjoyed my ultimate wish list! Let me know what is on your mind this month and what you think of the products that I’ve been craving. Goodnight/good morning wherever you are!

Love, Catrin xo

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