Friday, 22 August 2014

Product EMPTIES! Would I repurchase???

Happy weekend everybody!!! Today's blog post is a few months worth of empty products that I've saved up to share my thoughts with you guys! I personally enjoying reading/watching other 'empties' reviews because I think a judgement can only be made after you've really given a product a go! Enough blabbing, lets get on with it!

Make Up Empties

Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara: I don't understand the hype around this product! The wand is quite innovative and I did like being able to get into the corners of my lashes with the sprouty (technical term!) end, but it was simply average. I didn't hate it but I personally find that Maybelline Falsies and Dior Iconic Curl have a significantly greater effect on my lashes than this product and I will not be repurchasing this mascara!
Lucas Papaw Ointment: This is an old fave for my dry lips and I always have one lying around! It is a lovely thick ointment with very little taste or fragrance, which I quite like. It is a great multitasker and it leaves a nice clear sheen to my lips and whilst I tend to own about 10 lip balms at any one time in different handbags, I will probably repurchase this!
Mac Studio Fix NC20: I used to absolutely love Studio Fix during my oilier teenage years because it has such full coverage but I have recently steered away from it. I tend to like a slightly lighter foundation nowadays, still with full coverage but with a more emolient texture. Despite this, I always like to have a Studio Fix lying around for those pesky blemish days when I need that extra layer for confidence!
Mac Blush in Sunbasque: When I first started wearing make up I wasn't quite aware of the purpose of blush and purchased two of these in the same bronzy colour, which have existed for close to ten years - eek! This is a nice dark blush with a bronzy tint, a great first step into the blush land if you are used to just wearing bronzer! I will not repurchase this as I already have another :/ Whoops!
Real Techniques Stippling Brush: Yes i know, not an empty! But the hairs fell out of this after over a year (which I think is great for such an affordable brush especially considering I clean them with shampoo) and I felt the need to give it a mention. This is such a great brush to apply liquid foundation with. Depending on the product, I alternate between this and the Expert Face Brush which is more dense and therefore better to use with a creamier foundation. I have already repurchased this!

Haircare Empties
Kevin Murphy Balancing Wash: I have a very sensitive scalp but also quite damaged hair due to years of bleaching and finding a shampoo that sorts both issues can be a struggle! For years I swore by the Kerestase Dermo Calm shampoo for sensitised hair, but my scalp simply got used to it and started playing up again so I needed to switch. This shampoo balances the pH levels of your scalp, whilst also moisturising damaged hair so it was the perfect choice. I did enjoy using it and I did repurchase it, but I have since become bored and switched to another Kerestase shampoo! It just didn't leave my hair feeling shiny or soft and I am a haircare floozy, what can I say!
Polished London dry shampoo: I tend to just pick up any dry shampoo that's on sale because I haven't found one that I swear by as of yet! This did the job but I have since purchased a different brand to continue my search for a holy grail dry shampoo. 

Skincare Empties
Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula body butter: This is one of my favourite body lotions of all time. I absolutely love that it is such a nourishing, thick body butter that comes out of a pump instead of a tub! It's genius for those of us with longer nails and it's also so quick and easy. This stuff smells heavenly and is such a bargain compared to most others. I have already repurchased another value size and will continue to use this!
Burt's Bee's Cranberry & Pomegranate Body Scrub: I absolutely loved this product because it smelt so fruity and was just beautiful to use in the shower. It definitely did the job of exfoliating and left my skin feeling silky smooth due to the oil in the product. I would not recommend using this before applying fake tan due to the oil residue that is left to moisturise your skin, but I would definitely recommend it when maintaining a tan or just for regular body scrub usage! I have since purchased the Soap and Glory Flake away, an old favourite of mine, because I like to switch it up but I will definitely repurchase this in the future!
Lancome By facial cleansing water: This stuff was good but it didn't change my life! I got it in a gift bag when purchasing some other products and whilst I did enjoy using it, I wouldn't purchase it simply because for a much lower price I feel you can get similar products from the drugstore. 
Dove Gradual Tan for light-medium skin: I have loved this product for years and I will continue to use it! It gives a beautiful yellow based glow in just one use and i've actually moved onto using the one for medium-dark skin because I think it is a step closer to a fake tan, but still not obvious on the skin! It does leave the usual biscuit smell, but I like to apply it at nighttime and then wash it off in the morning so it doesn't bother me!
Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Hand & Cuticle Cream: I loved this mini tube to keep in my handbag for a regular pick me up. The scent is divine as usual with this range, but it is also unbelievably nourishing. I currently have way too many hand creams but I would definitely purchase this again because it is such a bargain and it really does work!
Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector: I was quite disappointed with this product because I didn't notice a change in my under eye circles, although I didn't use it religiously morning and night like recommended. It did a nice job of moisturising my eye area and it had a slight nude colour so I enjoyed wearing it under make up, but I felt that it was pretty average for the price. I have since purchased a different eye cream and will continue on my dark circle journey!

I hope these reviews were helpful and do let me know if you have any opinions on the products mentioned or any alternatives you think may be better! Have a wonderful weekend 

Love, Catrin xo

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