Saturday, 16 August 2014

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil - Is it worth the hype?

I will start by saying that I am a huge floozy when it comes to cleansers. My skin has always been quite troubled and it seems to me that no matter how much I spend on skincare, my face will never quite be perfect. Thus, I decided to lower my expectations and realise that we aren’t all Jennifer Lawrence and perhaps my products were good enough after all. That being said, I can never quite settle on a cleanser. About six months ago I took an interest in the Shu Uemera cleansing oils and decided to give one a try.

I used it for a few months but, as usual, boredom struck and I replaced it with a Colleen Rothschild cult product (review to come). However, I saw this lonely product shoved in the corner of my cupboard last week and was overwhelmed with an urge to remove my make up. Holy moly why did I ever put this away? Within 3 seconds of it being applied to my makeup-laden skin, it instantly broke down my foundation and with only two pumps; it can remove my entire face. Seriously. Unlike cleansing balms, oils like this one require much less massaging into the face, which I actually prefer because being an acne sufferer my skin can be quite tender and sore to push on. The cleansing oil has definitely reclaimed its place as my favourite make up remover and it is the perfect way to remove the dirt and grime accumulated during the day, before thoroughly cleansing my face and continuing with the rest of my skincare routine.
I hope this helped any of you fellow cleanser floozies and perhaps helped justify the dear expense of this cult product! I can confirm that it really is worth it.

Love, Catrin xo

*note: the cleansing oil is not appropriate for eye make up removal, so I use Bioderma to take off my mascara before removing my face make up. 

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