Monday, 18 August 2014

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner - Holy moly is this a RAVE review!

This has caused quite a stir in the beauty blogger community recently and I simply had to give it a try! The thought of an ‘in shower’ body lotion to me seemed absolutely ridiculous and I had imagined it to be quite messy and just pointless! My-oh-my was I proved wrong.

This body conditioner has instantly become my all time favourite body moisturiser and I honestly considered throwing all of my others away! Essentially, you wash with a regular body scrub and shower gel like normal, then whilst still in the shower (I turn off the running water) you apply the body conditioner, massaging it in as you go. Once you’ve applied it all over, you simply rinse it off like you would a hair conditioner. Your skin is left feeling absolutely sublime and smelling like heaven!

A little goes a long way with the product, and yes it is quite pricy (around $35 in Australia) but it is going to be a forever favourite of mine. It smells of roses and it literally makes me salivate because it has such a delicious fragrance! After using this conditioner I simply cannot stop stroking my arms all day and I absolutely love not having to stand in the cold applying my body lotion and waiting for it to dry before getting dressed! Plus, it helps to maintain a tan wonderfully! All in all, I highly recommend the Ro’s Body Conditioner to everyone – you simply must give it a go. I actually love it so much that this morning I accidentally dropped a little and honestly considered lying down on the floor of the shower like a slug to get it on my body…I may have a problem.

Love, Catrin xo

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